Welcome to Clay & Cupcakes, no reservations required! Where pottery painting gets you truly inspired! Grab a brush, pick a piece, let your creativity soar, and indulge in a cupcake, maybe even more!

Though reservations are wise in these bustling times, for parties and gatherings where creativity chimes. From birthdays to showers, and ladies’ nights, too, there‚Äôs an event for everyone, that much is true!

Seeking respite from life’s hurried hum?
Join us for “me time,” let your worries go numb. From $10 to $110, no studio fees in sight, no
hidden charges, just pure creative light!

Classes, workshops, events, a creative delight, canvas, glass, pottery, everything’s just right.

At Clay & Cupcakes, where dreams take flight, crafting memories is an art, oh so bright! Come, join the fun, let your spirits soar, create moments to cherish, forevermore!

Within our walls, the creative spirit alive,
classes, workshops, where talents thrive. Canvas, glass, pottery, designs entwine,
all supplies provided, for artists to shine!

  • Select from pottery, hundreds in a row, choices aplenty, letting your creativity grow!
  • Paints and glazes, non-toxic and lead-free, choices galore, for artistic glee!
  • Brushes, silk screens, oh what a sight, supplies aplenty for your creative delight!
  • Sugary clouds spun with delight,
    cupcakes and treats, a sweet sight!

Once your art’s done, we add glaze so clear, into our kilns, without a single fear.
In 2 to 8 days, your memory is cast, your masterpiece awaits, made to last!
Return to collect it, oh, what a thrill, your creation’s ready, a memory to instill!