Team Building & Corporate Events

Your participants will love you for it!

Team spirit is possibly the most important element of  project success; however, it does not exist naturally. It is developed through bettering the relationships between team members. A fun outing hosted by Clay & Cupcakes will leave your team members feeling confident, motivated, and comfortable with one another!

Color Connection!

Participants will choose the paint colour that best describes them, choosing from fun colour names like “Be-Boppin Blue”, “Tickled Pink”, and “Happy Go Lucky”!

Participants will tell the team why they picked the colour, then incorporate that colour into a design on a coupe or rimmed dinner plate.  Basic Pottery Painting Techniques will be taught.

$34 per person/ 7 person minimum

Mug Madness!

We will provide you with a short questionnaire for each person to fill out, asking about their likes and dislikes. Participants will paint a mug of their choice for another person in the group based on the questionnaire… SHHH, it’s a surprise!

$30 per person/ 7 person minimum

Tile Teamwork!

Your team will work together to design tiles for a tile mirror – 14 tiles are included. This is a great project for a charity auction! Once complete, each team member can create an additional tile to be used as a coaster for themselves.

$250 for up to 10 painters, $15 for each additional painter

Artist For The Day!

Participants will do a short team building activity led by your Clay & Cupcakes host. Our host will lead the group through painting a design on canvas or pottery that you may pre-select. The entire group paints the same design, choosing from 8 different designs.

$44 per person/ minimum of 6 painters

Pass The Portrait!

This is a fun, high energy event! Each participant will complete a small questionnaire about themselves and then begin painting a self portrait on a 16″ × 20″ canvas based on their questionnaire. But wait – there’s a twist! You aren’t the only one painting your self portrait! Your teammates will be helping you out, hence “Pass the Portrait!”

$350 for up to 10 painters, $35 for each additional painter

**A $100 deposit is required

Team Building & Corporate Events at Edmonton