Your participants will love you for it!

Fostering a strong team spirit is pivotal for project success, yet it doesn’t happen spontaneously. It thrives on improved relationships among team members. Organizing a delightful outing with Clay & Cupcakes will help your team feel assured, inspired, and at ease with each other!

Colour Connection:
Participants will select a paint colour that resonates with them, choosing from an array of delightful names such as “Be-Boppin Blue,” “Tickled Pink,” and “Happy Go Lucky”!They’ll share the significance behind their chosen colour with the team, then integrate it into a design on a coupe or rimmed dinner plate. Our session includes guidance on Basic Pottery Painting Techniques.
Pricing: $34 per person with a minimum of 7 participants.

Mug Madness:
We’ll supply a brief questionnaire for each individual to complete, inquiring about their preferences. Participants will paint a mug selected specifically for someone else in the group, using the details from the questionnaire. It’s all hush-hush – a delightful surprise in the making!
Pricing: $30 per person with a minimum requirement of 7 participants.

Tile Teamwork:
Your team will collaborate on crafting 14 tiles for a stunning tile mirror—a perfect piece for a charity auction! After completing the project, each team member may craft an extra tile, doubling as a personalized coaster to take home.
Pricing: $250 for a group of up to 10 painters, with an additional charge of $15 per extra participant beyond the initial 10.

Artist For The Day:

Engage in a dynamic team-building session under the guidance of your Clay & Cupcakes host. Get inspired as our host leads the group in painting a chosen design on canvas or pottery, which you may select in advance. Dive into creativity together, selecting from 8 captivating designs for the entire group to bring to life!
Pricing: $44 per person, with a minimum requirement of 6 painters to participate in this memorable experience.

Pass The Portrait:
Get ready for an exhilarating and lively event! Each participant will fill out a brief questionnaire about themselves before commencing the creation of a self-portrait on a 16″ × 20″ canvas, drawing inspiration from their answers. But here’s the twist – you won’t be the sole artist behind your self-portrait! Your teammates will join in to lend a hand, making it a true “Pass the Portrait” experience!
Pricing: $350 for groups of up to 10 painters, with an additional charge of $35 per extra painter beyond the initial 10.

Please note a $100 deposit is required for these events. 

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